Rogue text messages aggravating residents

Many local residents are reporting a string of strange text messages from a number they don’t recognize. Authorities say that the messages are likely an attempted scam.

The text messages appear to be coming from the 812-390-4629 number with mundane texts such as “Sorry, I couldn’t respond earlier,” or “I miss you” or even “Wake up and text me.” Dozens of people are reporting text messages from the number on social media.

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Detective Capt.Chris Roberts said that the department has had complaints about text messages. He suggests that the texts are likely spoofed, simulating a real number through the internet. He says he suspects they are coming from potential scammers, looking for working cell phone numbers and possibly gathering information from those who respond to the rogue texts.

Calling the phone number this morning leads to an immediate hangup but some people have reported an air horn or being shouted at when they call the number.