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Exhibit Columbus to Reveal 2023 Designs at Event

Exhibit Columbus will be unveiling the designs for this year’s installations at Columbus landmarks at an event coming up on February 25th at The Commons in downtown Columbus.

Exhibit Columbus, launched in 2016, has two-year cycles with a symposium hosted one year, and the installation of exhibits around the city the next year. This year is an installation event. The theme for this year’s installations is Public by Design.

You will be able to preview the design concepts for the 13 installations that will open on August 26th this fall. Those will include the four J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize Recipients, seven University Design Research Fellows, the High School Design Team, and Communication Designer. The designers will unveil their proposals and discuss the process that led to the designs.

This month’s event will include a presentation by Chris Grimley of the Signals studio about the graphic identity, experiential graphics, and wayfinding system for this year’s exhibition.

The design presentations will be from 8:30 to 5:30 on February 25th at The Commons.

You can get more information at exhibit columbus dot org.

Authorities release audio from Greenwood Park Mall 911 calls

Greenwood police have released much of the audio from 911 calls during Sunday’s shootings at Greenwood Park Mall.

You can hear the desperation as witnesses scrambled to get away from the shooter.

The Johnson County dispatch center was overwhelmed by calls from the mall and those excess calls were forwarded to Bartholomew County’s dispatch center which fielded more than 50 calls. Bartholomew County deputies also responded to the mall to assist at the scene.

The 911 operators were doing their best to keep people calm and safe at the Greenwood Park Mall.

Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison said the department will not be release any of the mall video or body cam video.  Ison said he believes it is too graphic and depicts the murder in such detail that out of respect for the deceased, he is declining to release it.

Ison said the 911 audio was released because of multiple requests.

Story courtesy of Network Indiana. Image courtesy of WRTV.