Updated: Council candidate drops out of race

A Bartholomew County Democratic candidate for the County Council says on social media that she is dropping out.

Gaby Cheek has announced on her campaign Facebook page that she has had second thoughts about running. Cheek said on Facebook that she is not cut out to be a politician and is quote “too busy working and raising my wonderful family.”

Nancy Ann Brown, chairwoman of the Bartholomew County Democratic Party, said she has urged Cheek not to make a final decision until they have a chance to talk in person. The Bartholomew County Voter Registration office reports that Cheek has yet to file any formal paperwork removing herself as a candidate.

In any case, Brown said that Cheek’s name will remain on the May 3rd ballot. The ballot has been finalized and voters have already been casting their votes since early April. Brown said it will be similar to the situation that Republican voters will find when they go to cast their votes for president and there are a long list of candidates who have actually dropped out of the race.

Cheek is one of three candidates competing for the at-large seat on County Council on the Democratic ticket and Cheek is guaranteed a spot on the November ballot.