Jennings Chamber dissolves citing finances, economy

The Jennings County Chamber of Commerce has dissolved after the resignation of its executive director.

In an unsigned announcement sent out to Chamber members and supporters last night, the organization said it was “no secret that the Chamber has been struggling for several years.”

The Chamber’s board of directors met Monday to accept the resignation of executive director Marie Shepherd, and then voted to dissolve the organization, according to the announcement.

“Every effort has been made to continue operating in the best interest of our members.  Due to the financial hardship, we can no longer offer the support and provide a needed service to this community.  It is time to close our doors.  It is the dearest wish and prayer of the Jennings County Chamber Board that our business community will prosper and thrive.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you for over half a century.”

The chamber reached out last year to the City Council, County Council and County Commissioners for financial help and partnership but  “the decision was made at that time that the fiscal budgets were being pulled in many different directions. The Chamber was not a priority in the face of our current economy’s condition.”