Next in early Hope history series set for Saturday

The Yellow Trail Museum and Bartholomew County Genealogical Society is continuing its new program recognizing the first pioneer settlers of the town of Hope.

The First Families of Hope will feature monthly talks recognizing and researching the early settlers. Those will be in the form of discussions on the first Saturday of each month through August of next year.

In the first group, there will be a focus on the families who attended the first services at Hope Moravian Church in June of 1830. The next discussion will feature the Martin and Susannah Hauser Family and will be at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 2nd at the Yellow Trail Museum research center on the northwestern corner of the Hope Town Square.

You are asked to bring any photos, genealogy, documents, stories, or anything else you might want to share. The Genealogical Society will scan copies during the sessions to make available to the public and to the museum.

The Hope Moravian Church family series will run through August of this year. A second series will focus on the 124 early landowners who had purchased land in Flat Rock and Hawcreek Townships by 1830.

The program is also part of a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Yellow Trail Museum in 2025.