Columbus Firefighters rescue cat stuck in local hotel

A missing cat was reunited with her owners, courtesy of Columbus firefighters.

At approximately 9:47 a.m. on Wednesday, firefighters responded to service call at a hotel on Carrie Lane. They arrived and learned that Molly, a two-year-old cat, was last seen late Tuesday evening after her owners went to sleep.

The couple told firefighters they stopped at the motel as they traveling home home to Florida. When they awoke Wednesday morning, there was no sign of Molly. While searching the room, the cat’s owners discovered a small hole in a wall located under a sink. Suspecting that Molly may have entered the hole, a call was placed to the Columbus Fire Department asking for assistance.

Capt. Mike Wilson, department spokesman, says that Engine Company 5 arrived on the scene a short time later. Firefighters consulted with motel management and removed a two-foot by two-foot section of drywall. There were than able to see Molly tucked behind the bathtub area in a void space. When crews tried to reach for the cat, she moved away from the location where she was first seen.

Firefighters advised the owners that the cat would likely emerge when the scene calmed down. In the event that Molly did not return, firefighters provided the fire station phone number and an invitation to call back. After two hours, firefighters were called back to the scene.

When firefighters returned to the scene, they came with the fire station’s leaf blower. Wilson says firefighters placed the blower into the void space opposite of where Molly was seen. When the blower was turned on, Molly ran from her hiding place and was reunited with her owners. She was unharmed.