Vectren suggests tips for natural gas leak safety

With home heating going full blast in the bitter cold, Vectren Energy is giving some suggestions on what you should do if you start to smell natural gas.

The company says that if you start smelling natural gas inside of a home or business, you should leave immediately and move to where the smell of the gas is no longer noticeable. Once you get safely away you should call Vectren at 800-227-1376 and stay away until emergency crews arrive and give the all-clear.

The company says that several activities could cause the gas to ignite if it has been building for a while. For example, you should not use the phone, cell phone or send a text message while still inside the building nor should you call or text anyone who is still in the area.

Vectren says you should not turn on or off any lights, appliances or other electrical source, you should not light matches and you should not try to start a vehicle that is in a garage in an affected building.

Vectren says it does not charge to inspect a suspected gas leak and workers will respond around the clock, any day of the year.

While natural gas is odorless, the gas company includes an additive that smells like rotten eggs or sulfur, so you can notice leaks.