Landmark sculpture returning for public display

A Columbus landmark will be coming back for public viewing.

“When I was Your Age,” a former Arvin Industries sculpture, featuring an antique car and driver inflating a tire with an Arvin air pump, will be returned to public display near the Bartholomew Consolidated Schools headquarters at 13th Street and Central Avenue.

The statue was originally installed in the roundabout at 13th street and Hutchens Avenue between the former Arvin headquarters and now-BCSC offices and the United Way building.

The sculpture ended up being owned by Faurecia which has restored the piece of art and had it installed at their plant in Walesboro, school officials said. However the company is donating it back to the school district so it can be displayed publicly again.

The school board voted to approve the installation of the statue near its former location at the board’s meeting Monday night. However, instead of being in the roundabout, it will be installed a few feet away, in the wooded park area behind the district headquarters. A decorative security fence will be installed around it and school officials are considering building a roof over the statue to protect it from the elements.

You can find more about the sculpture on the Columbus Area Visitors Center’s public arts page.