Standoff with SWAT ends peacefully this morning

James Bowling. Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.
James Bowling. Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.

Columbus police arrested a man who who was allegedly threatening to use guns and explosives against officers last night.

What would turn into a standoff with the SWAT team began on Breckenridge Drive at about 7 p.m. last night. That’s when a resident called in with a report that a neighbor had been threatening him, beating on his door and let the air out of one of his tires. Officers left the scene after the first report, but were called back about 8 p.m. that evening after another vehicle tire was deflated at the home.

The victim pointed out a suspect standing in a nearby yard, 40-year-old James E. Bowling. As officers approached, Bowling ran into his house. Officers tried to talk Bowling into leaving, but he allegedly threatened to shoot officers or to use explosives to blow up his house, says Lt. Matt Harris, spokesman for the police department. Bowling also threatened to turn on the gas on his stove and use that as an explosive. Harris said.

Bowling eventually surrendered peacefully at about 12:30 a.m. this morning after talking to negotiators for several hours. No guns or explosives were found at the scene, Harris says. Bowling is facing a preliminary charge of resisting law enforcement.