County council candidates weigh new taxes

Bartholomew County voters will be choosing from seven candidates for the three at-large seats on the County Council in next month’s election.

Incumbent Republicans Bill Lentz and Evelyn Pence are facing fellow Republican Matt Miller, along with Democrats Pam Clark, Lynne Fleming and Diane Hawes plus Libertarian candidate Josh Brown.

We asked the candidates if they would support any new taxes:

  • Some current County Council members say the county needs more revenue. How do you feel about raising income taxes, instituting a wheel tax or the commissioners creating a community capital development fund?

Brown said he supported a diversity of taxes to better spread the burden. But raising taxes wouldn’t be his first choice.


Clark said that most counties in Indiana have instituted a wheel tax.


Fleming said that there will have to be new taxes.


Hawes said that she would support an income tax before a property tax hike


Lentz said that he does not support raising taxes


Miller said that ultimately the decision will be up to the taxpayers


Pence said she would prefer greater efficiency and savings, rather than more taxes