IU arrest turns up gun stolen from murdered gun store owner

A gun believed to have been stolen in the robbery and murder of North Vernon gun dealer has turned up in a Bloomington arrest.

Indiana University Police say they recovered 34 grams of marijuana and the handgun during a search of a vehicle in a parking lot near Forest Quad on Tuesday night. Officers on foot patrol reportedly noticed the odor of marijuana coming from inside a parked vehicle at 11 p.m. After a search, IU police say the loaded handgun was found in the center console of the vehicle. They believe that the suspect was dealing marijuana.

IU police say that the handgun, a 9mm Smith & Wesson, had been reported stolen in 2014, and is believed to be one of several firearms stolen during the robbery of a gun store in which the owner of the store was shot and killed. Those responsible for the robbery and murder were identified and arrested. Police say that there is no evidence that the suspect in this case was involved with the robbery of the gun store. Police say that the suspect, IU student Jason Nguyen, told them that he bought the gun in Indianapolis.

Nguyen was arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of a Stolen Firearm (level 6 felony), Carrying a Handgun without a License (A misdemeanor), Dealing in Marijuana (A misdemeanor), Possession of Marijuana (B misdemeanor) and Illegal Possession of an Alcoholic Beverage (C misdemeanor).