Police chase ends in arrest of a local man

A traffic stop in Edinburgh turned into a police chase involving multiple agencies Monday night.

Judy Jackson, Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, says that just before 7 p.m., Edinburgh Police were

Thomas Brockman; Photo courtesy of Bartholomew County Sheriff's Dept.
Thomas Brockman; Photo courtesy of Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Dept.

investigating a suspicious person call when they stopped a vehicle. While officers were trying to get information, the driver allegedly sped away.

From there, Jackson says that a second Edinburgh officer joined the chase on southbound US 31. Moments later, a Bartholomew County Deputy patrolling near Taylorsville also joined. As they proceeded west on County Road 650 North, the driver, 43-year-old Thomas Raymond Brockman, of 1197 Nelson Ridge Road, turned onto Ohio Ridge Road, said Jackson. At Mauxferry Road, she says that Brockman drove south at a high rate of speed.

Jackson says that other deputies and Indiana State Troopers joined the pursuit as the Brockman turned west on to Georgetown Road, south onto County Road 600 West, then onto Baker Hollow Road.

At State Road 46, authorities say that Brockman drove around a closed gate into a wooded area. A deputy, who was on foot, spotted the vehicle

Brockman's vehicle; Photo courtesy of the Bartholomew County Sheriff's Dept.
Brockman’s vehicle; Photo courtesy of the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Dept.

and attempted to make contact with the Brockman. However, Jackson says that he continued to flee while calling out to the deputy that he was carrying a gun.

At one point, said Jackson, Brockman drove toward deputies who were on foot, nearly hitting them.

Authorities say that Brockman eventually exited the wooded area, driving toward State Road 46 where Edinburgh Police Chief David Mann was stationed. Chief Mann then pursued Brockman, who was heading eastbound while driving in the westbound lane of State Road 46. In order to keep Brockman from driving into oncoming traffic, Jackson says that Chief Mann crashed with Brockman’s vehicle.

After the collision, police say that Brockman then headed west, where the chase continued into Brown County. It was at this time that Indiana State Police took the lead with Bartholomew County deputies in support, said Jackson.

When State Police lost sight of the vehicle, the pursuit was terminated.

However, an Indiana State Trooper saw the vehicle at Georgetown Road and County Road 500 West still driving at a high rate of speed and without taillights. Brown County and Bartholomew County deputies waited for the suspect east of Nelson Ridge Road in an attempt to deploy stop sticks. Jackson says that Brockman was able to avoid the stop sticks by leaving the roadway. However, he returned to the road as deputies and state troopers moved in to cut him off. Authorities say that Brockman’s vehicle then continued westbound where stop sticks were successfully deployed by Indiana State Troopers.

While the stop sticks deflated all four tires on the Brockman’s car, Jackson says that he continued to flee until his vehicle’s engine blew and he came to a halt after hitting a guardrail.

Brockman then allegedly ran from the vehicle into a wooded area where deputies and state troopers were able to arrest him. Brockman is facing preliminary charges of:

Criminal Recklessness
Driving While Suspended with a Prior
Resisting Law Enforcement
Reckless Driving
Aggressive Driving
Failure to Stop After an Accident

Brockman was booked in the Brown County Jail on $73,600 bond.

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department says that that this is the second police chase in three months involving Brockman. In July, Jackson says that Brockman was involved in chase with Bartholomew County deputies that ultimately resulted in his arrest. She adds that Brockman also allegedly fled in a vehicle and evaded arrest just last week.

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers is glad Brockman is behind bars and that no one was hurt. “We have been dealing with Mr. Brockman on multiple occasions recently,” said the Sheriff. “What little time he has spent in jail doesn’t seem to be bettering his judgment regarding criminal activity. His behavior continues to put the public at risk. This was good cooperation among five agencies. They worked well together and I am happy that no one was injured,” said Myers.