Body of suspect in a child abuse case found inside home

Deputies with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department discovered a dead body Monday while conducting a welfare check.

Sheriff Doug Cox says that deputies were sent out to the 700 block of Restin Road in the Carefree South addition in Greenwood at about 4

Photo courtesy of the Johnson County Sheriff's Dept.
Photo courtesy of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Dept.

p.m. The Sheriff says that neighbors had called authorities after noticing that the property’s lawn had not been maintained like it normally was.

When deputies arrived, they were unable to get anyone to come to the door. Sheriff Cox says that, at that point, a deputy used a credit card to open an access door on the attached garage. Once they made entry, they reported that they could smell a dead body inside the home. Sheriff Cox says that, at that point, the deputies backed out, secured the scene and called for detectives and a search warrant.

Sheriff Cox says that once the search warrant was obtained, detectives went in to the home and found the body of 50-year-old William Brenner in a hallway. Authorities say that the body had been there for some time, as it was badly decomposed.

Sheriff Cox says that Brenner had been staying in the home since the death of his mother. He adds that Brenner was out on bond after a recent arrest in a case alleging child abuse or neglect in Johnson County. Authorities say that there was no evidence of a struggle or forced entry into the home.

Authorities say that Brenner may have had a medical episode, but the exact cause of death won’t be known for sometime. Sheriff Cox says that the Johnson County Coroner’s Office is working on a toxicology report in an attempt to learn what happened.