Redevelopment Commission hears update on Bikeshare program

The city of Columbus is closer to seeing a Bikeshare program implemented. April Williams, with the Columbus Parks Foundation, gave an update Monday night to the city’s Redevelopment Commission.

Williams says that the service provider for Columbus will be “B-Cycle.” She explained that this is the same provider that runs the Indianapolis Bikeshare program. Williams talked about the goals of the Bikeshare program. She says that the program is meant to be environmentally friendly, create alternate transportation serving all, help provide healthy options, grow the city’s infrastructure and increase tourism, all while being economical. On the economical front, Williams says that you will be able to take part in the program for eight-dollars per day, or 80-dollars per year.

Williams told the Redevelopment Commission that the bikes are scheduled to be delivered May 9th and the program is scheduled to launch on May 21st. She asked the commission to approve the site-preparation for the various bike stations that will be installed throughout Columbus. The Redevelopment Commission will have to hold a special session to approve the request. Members were unable to take action on Monday night, as the request was not listed as an “action item” on the agenda. That special meeting is expected to tale place in advance of May 9th, but it has not yet been scheduled.