Commissioners to debate new farm rules today

Bartholomew County Commissioners will be holding the first of two public debates amongst themselves over what should be done about large confined feeding operation farms in the county before they make their final decision on the issue.

That discussion will end up helping decide where the in the county that farms, which can pack thousands of animals into small spaces, can be located.

The commissioners have a set of recommendations from the county plan commission after more than 18 months of debate and public hearing. Now it is up to the commissioners to make a decision. Commissioner Larry Kleinhenz said that the commissioners can do anything from making the rules stricter, relaxing the rules or even doing nothing, which would allow the recommendation to go into effect unchanged.

But, Kleinhenz said the commissioners want the public to hear their internal discussions and how they reach a decision on the issue.

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Commissioners will start their discussion after their normal meeting which starts at 10 a.m. today at the Governmental Office building on Third Street. The discussion is expected to last until 11:30 a.m..