Authorities say skimmers being found at area gas pumps

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department says that gas pump skimmers are being found attached to gas pumps throughout Bartholomew County. Skimmers are designed to steal credit card information.

Sheriff’s Department officials say that card skimming takes places when thieves plug a device and computer chip into the gas pumps. They say that it takes only a few seconds for thieves to install the devices.

The Sheriff’s Department is recommending that all gas stations in Bartholomew County actively check their pumps and change their locks. Sheriff Matt Myers says that the only way that you can protect yourself is to stop paying at the pump and pay for your fuel purchases inside the station.

Police have not identified all of the locations where skimmers have been found. If you’ve purchased gas from the pump over the past few weeks, you may want to keep an eye on your account for any out-of-place charges.