School board members look back on Quick’s tenure

Members of the Bartholomew Consolidated School board are slated to consider and likely approve the contract for a new superintendent tonight and the public will have a chance to meet the new school’s boss.

But the board members are also looking back on the 13 year tenure of Dr. John Quick. Quick is retiring at the end of this school year.

Dr. Jill Shedd, president of the school board, says Quick’s leadership led to the creation of the first K through 12 new tech curriculum in the state at the Columbus Signature Academies.

04-11 jill shedd on quick-1

Jeff Caldwell, a school board member, said that Quick has been very visible as a leader not just with the schools but in the community

04-11 Jeff Caldwell on Quick-1

Bob Abrams, a school board member, said that Quick is leaving his mark on the district through his leadership and his knack for picking quality people.

04-11 Bob Abrams on Quick-1

The school board meets at 7 p.m. tonight at Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High School on 25th Street. Before the meeting will be a welcoming reception for new superintendent Dr. Jim Roberts, who is coming from leading the Batesville school system.

That reception starts at 6 p.m.