Schneck receives accreditation

Schneck Medical Center announced that its Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) program recently received accreditation in Breast MRI from the American College of Radiology.

“This is a more specific accreditation as compared to our regular MRI accreditation,” stated Rita Baker, Director of Diagnostic Imaging. “The Breast MRI Accreditation testifies to the high standards we maintain in our signature service line of breast imaging.”

Stephanie L. Furlow, spokesperson for the Seymour hospital, says that in order to receive accreditation, a facility must demonstrate that the physician and technical staff possess the qualification and credentials needed.

“The staff and radiologists in the Diagnostic Imaging department are dedicated in their commitment to excellence in radiology. This accreditation is a testament to their hard work and we are all very proud,” said Baker. “Our department is now accredited in every modality we offer including Stereotactic Breast Biopsy, Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, CT, and MRI. In fact, with the four accreditations in breast imaging, the Women’s Imaging Center is designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence ensuring our patients receive the highest quality breast healthcare.”