Hope reaches agreement over in-town chickens

A Hope resident will be able to keep his flock of chickens under an agreement reached last night with the Hope Town Council.

Tim Saylor was facing having to get rid of the 11 chickens he keeps on his in-town property under the town’s livestock ordinance. However, no signed copy of the 2011 ordinance could be found on file. Town attorney Cindy Boll said that she believes the law was still valid but asked the council to affirm their intention that the law remain in effect.

Council President Clyde Compton balked at that solution and instead suggested the council pass its own version of the ordinance. Councilman Jonathan Titus stressed that the council did not want to have the Town Square turn into a commons for livestock grazing due to the questions over the ordinance.

The council ultimately decided to take their attorney’s suggestion, but also to grandfather in Saylor’s flock. He promised not to increase the number of chickens on his property. Councilman Ohmer Miller also stressed that it was important for Saylor to keep his property and chickens in line, or the council could revisit the issue.

The council will take another look at the ordinance to address some concerns, including how to categorize rabbits.

Town Marshal Matt Tallent said he had not issued a citation for Saylor, instead issuing a warning pending the council’s decision on the issue.