County seeking financial advice from Cummins, CRH

Cummins and Columbus Regional Health will be helping Bartholomew County get a better handle on its finances.

County Councilwoman Laura DeDomenic presented a proposal last night at the council’s work session to help the county develop both a short term and long term financial plan.

“We have some really good, experienced financial people that are willing to help the council come up with this financial plan so we don’t have to spend the money to hire some smart consultants to help us with this,” DeDomenic said. “I am very happy that the community is willing to get involved to help the county save some money and have a plan that is completed before the next budget cycle.”

DeDomenic said the advisory group would work with all county departments to anticipate financial needs, review the number of employees, and look at ways to improve customer care, reduce expenses or increase revenue.

Council members said they were enthusiastic about the help. The county’s budget process for this year ground to a halt last fall over how to make ends meet with falling or stagnant county revenues.