Recycling center to limit types of plastic accepted

Bartholomew County’s Solid Waste Management District is limiting the types of plastics it will take at the Columbus/Bartholomew Recycling Center on Mapleton Street.

Jessica Norcross, education coordinator for the district says that the district will only be taking #1 and #2 plastics at the center. That typically includes bottles, jugs, tubs, and jars.

The Recycling Center will no longer be taking plastics of types #3 through #7. That includes such things as:

  • Cooking oil and shampoo bottles
  • Cleaner spray bottles
  • Squeezable condiment bottles
  • Plastic films or shrink wrap
  • Grocery, bread, frozen food, and produce bags,
  • Syrup, ketchup and medicine bottles
  • Packing peanuts, egg cartons, take-out containers, disposable plates, party cupsĀ  and cutlery.

You can look on the bottom of the container for the recycling triangle with a number inside to determine the type of plastic.

PETE #1 and HDPE #2 plastic will continue to be accepted at all waste management district facilities, including the recycling center, the Bartholomew County Landfill, and the Harrison and Petersville Convenience Locations.

Norcross says the new limits are due to changes in the recycling market. This change does not affect the city of Columbus’ curbside program, Columbus Recycles.

As always, when recycling you should make sure that items are empty, clean and dry, and loose, not inside of a plastic bag. You should still sort #1 plastic from #2 plastic when visiting the Columbus/Bartholomew Recycling Center.

For more information you can visit the solid waste management district online at