Commissioners turn away request for new animal care laws

Bartholomew County Commissioners are not planning any changes to the county’s animal control ordinances. That comes after months of requests by animal rights activists concerned in particular by the plight of several abused dogs in the community.

Commissioners heard concerns again on Monday from residents about the treatment of animals. They cited recent incidents including the shooting death of a dog near Hartsville. The residents asked for the reinstatement of the county’s animal care commission and stricter laws against animal abuse.

However Commissioners President Tony London said the commissioners will not be recreating the commission, nor will the ordinances change. He said that the severe incidents mentioned were already illegal under the current laws. And a situation with a dog having no food and water and being left out in the elements is also covered under the county ordinances.

London said the commissioners are satisfied with the ordinances already in place, and he hopes people will continue to improve the treatment of their animals.