Area restaurant serving limited menu after fire

The Arby’s restaurant on 25th Street is serving a limited menu after a fire Tuesday morning.

Columbus Firefighters responded to the scene at approximately 9:30 a.m. on a report of fire. When firefighters arrived on the scene they were advised by restaurant management that a small fire had been extinguished by employees.

Arby’s management told firefighters that restaurant employees reported hearing a popping sound from the area of the grease fryer station. As the employees tried to determine the source, they saw an orange glow on the wall behind the fryer. Employees disconnected power to the fryer and pulled the fryer away from the wall. At that time, small flames were visible behind the grease fryer. Using a damp towel, employees were able to smother the flames and extinguish the fire.

Arby’s staff says that the restaurant is open. They can only serve sandwiches and drinks. Fried items are unavailable for now.

No injuries were reported.