Jackson sheriff warns of jury duty scam

Jackson County authorities are reporting a version of a jury duty phone scam going on in the county.

A scammer is calling and telling the victims he is Officer Nathaniel Johnson with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and that the victim is in trouble for missing jury duty. However, there is no deputy by that name with the Jackson County¬† department says Sheriff Rick Meyer.

Experts say that the jury duty scam usually leads to the scammer demanding immediate payment of a fine with a threat of going to jail if you don’t comply. They will normally demand the fine be paid online or through the purchase of gift cards or pre-paid debit cards. No legitimate law enforcement agency will demand immediate payment over the phone under the threat of arrest. And no legitimate agency or business demands payment of debts through the purchase of cards.

Meyer says if you receive a call such as this, you should call the Sheriff’s Department directly at 812-358-2141.