Addictions recovery walk set tonight for Donner Park area

There will be walk to celebrate those in recovery from addictions tonight in Columbus.

The Moving Forward walk will start at 6 p.m. near the cemetery at Donner Park and conclude with a rally at the Donner shelterhouse. Organizer John Cunningham with the Recover Out Loud group explains:

After leaving from 17th Street just south of the old city cemetery, it will  head down 17th Street to Central and then circle back on 10th and 11th Streets to conclude with the rally at the Donner shelterhouse. Part of the purpose of the route is to pass by two convenience stores that Cunningham said have been frequent sites of drug activity he saw during his time in addiction.

He says that the walk will take about 45 minutes to complete, and the rally will follow.

Organizer Meagan Cothran with the Recover Out Loud group explains that the walk is meant to show the community is unified in fighting addiction:

Organizers expect several hundred people will take part tonight. The rally will include speeches, music and door prizes.