Sheriff Myers returns from border conference in Arizona

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers, who serves on the National Homeland Security Committee and Drug Enforcement Committee for the National Sheriff’s Association, is back home after attending the Southwest Border Sheriffs’ Conference in Tucson, Arizona. Myers was joined by five other Indiana Sheriffs and the Director of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association.

The Sheriffs were briefed by the Chief of the United States Border Patrol about the apprehension numbers, the conflicting reports of children being separated from their families. In addition, fraudulent families were explained, along with how children are being exploited by cartels.

Sheriff Myers and the others were then given a 10-hour inspection tour of the border, stretching for more than 40 miles. In addition to human trafficking, there is a large amount of marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl being smuggled into the USA on a daily basis. Sheriff Myers says, “The border issues between Mexico and the United States is definitely a National Security issue for the United States and should NOT be a political issue.” “Drugs coming into our country is a national problem – it affects all Americans, not just those living in bordering cities and counties. This is a problem that reaches across America and even into Columbus, Indiana.”