Feedback continues with ‘Envision Columbus’ initiative

David Rubin with Land Collective gives presentation during Wednesday night’s Envision Columbus session

The Envision Columbus group will be holding a public session Wednesday night. Tracy Souza is with the Heritage Fund: The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County. Envision Columbus is a public-private partnership aimed at improving and developing downtown Columbus. A number project outlines, including an urban grocer,hotel and conference center, housing and the Crump theater were discussed. We asked some of those in attendance what they would like to see. John Dunlap lives in the city…

Dunlap says the historical significance of the Crump, along with the building’s accoustics, makes it worth saving.

Buck Ritz is a Bartholomew County resident and native…

05-31 ENVISION-1

Beth Goodwin, a member of the Columbus Young Professionals group, lives outside of the city, but works inside Columbus…

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Goodwin also talked about the need for improved and expanded public transportation. Those who attended Wednesday night’s meeting were

Attendees look over proposals for downtown Columbus

given “Columbucks” to spend identifying what projects they would like to see addressed. Those results are set to be revealed at the next public meeting scheduled for June 9th.

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