County sees few surprises in multi-million dollar repair bills

Bartholomew County Commissioners received some eye-opening numbers yesterday on the costs to replace the State Street highway garage and repair the County Courthouse.

Replacing the highway facilities alone would cost up to $11.2 million with another up to $3.75 million for the the needed courthouse repairs.

The highway garage and office building on State Street were built in the 1950s and are basically obsolete, according to the report from the DLZ architecture and engineering firm. They recommended building four new buildings at the site, including a wash bay, service bay, office building and garage.

The report estimated construction costs of $7.7 to $8.5 million with additional costs taking the total from $10 to $11.2 million

The courthouse estimate included funds to repair the cracking limestone on the veterans memorial as well as new windows, a boiler and chiller and light fixtures throughout the building.

All the construction work would cost $2.3 to $3 million plus another 20 to 25 percent in other costs.

Commissioners said that they saw few surprises in the numbers. The county has been putting off needed maintenance for years. They said the estimates would be used to justify the need for a cumulative capital development fund and for increased spending on county building needs.