Deputies rescue dog in Hartsville

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Deputies rescued a dog Friday morning in Hartsville. Judy Jackson, department spokeswoman, says that Deputy Adam Warner responded at 10:13 a.m. to a report of a dog “in distress” in the middle of a pond.

Photo courtesy of the Bartholomew County Sheriff's Dept.
Photo courtesy of the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Dept.

When deputies arrived, the owner told them that her two dogs were swimming in the pond when the animals appeared to get stuck. The owner told deputies that she jumped in and was able to rescue one of the dogs. However, the other dog, a five-year-old black lab, was paddling but struggling to stay above water.

Jackson says that off-duty Deputy Andrew Dougan, a member of the Bartholomew County Water Rescue Team, responded to the scene and was able to successfully rescue the dog. Neither the owner, nor her dogs, were injured.