Real estate report shows fluctuations from county to county

Real estate market stats in central Indiana indicate the housing market is still going strong. F.C. Tucker says that January 2017 pending sales were up 11.7 percent compared to January 2016. Similarly, the average year-to-date home price for the 15 county region rose 7.1 percent to $180,866.

According to the report, pending sales in Bartholomew County were down 6.5 percent in January of 2017, compared to January of 2016. Decatur County pending sales dropped by 5.9 percent and Shelby County saw a 6.7 percent decrease in that same period. F.C. Tucker says that Brown County saw a 25 percent increase in pending sales, Jennings County a 15.4 percent increase and Johnson County saw an increase of 14.3 percent in the same period.

F.C. Tucker says that active listings for area counties varied wildly from January 2016 to January 2017. According to the company’s report, Bartholomew County saw a five-percent increase in active listings. Jennings County saw an 80.6 percent increase. Brown County had 20.9 percent decrease in active listings. Decatur County saw a 27.4 percent drop, Johnson County had a 22.4 percent decrease and Shelby County had a 24.9 percent decrease in active listings.

Average sale prices also ran the gamut. F.C. Tucker says that people buying a home in Bartholomew County paid 11.8 percent more in January of 2017 than they did in January of 2016. Last month’s average sale price was $196,906. Johnson County sale prices were up 20.6 percent, averaging $205,007. Sale prices were down 8.1 percent in Brown County, averaging $172,236, according to the report. In addition, Decatur County saw a huge drop. F.C. Tucker says that home sale prices dropped there by 30.9 percent, to an average of $112,400. Jennings County saw a modest decrease of 0.7 percent, with an average sale price of $124,571. Shelby County average sale prices fell by 17.6 percent, to $121,528 for the same period.