TN man arrested by Jennings County authorities

A suspicious man in the Jennings County Sheriff’s Department parking lot is facing charges after he was arrested earlier this week. Authorities say that at 2:16 a.m. on Tuesday, Deputy Bryan Katterhenry and Reserve Deputy Jason Littrell were standing in front of the sally port at the Jennings County Sheriff’s Department finishing up work from a previous arrest.

Raborn T. Flanagan; photo courtesy of Jennings County Sheriff's Dept.
Raborn T. Flanagan; photo courtesy of Jennings County Sheriff’s Dept.

While standing there, the two deputies reported seeing a man walking around vehicles in the employee parking area of the parking lot. Deputies did not recognize the man as an employee. At one point deputies saw him gain entry and sit down inside a vehicle. The man was ultimately identified as 45-year-old Raborn T. Flanagan, of Johnson City, TN.

The owner of the vehicle came out and told deputies that he kept a weapon inside of the vehicle. For safety deputies attempted to place Flanagan in restraints while they checked him for weapons. They say that Flanagan forcefully resisted the deputies.

Corrections Officer Tyler Smith came out of the jail to assist. While on the ground, Deputy Katterhenry deployed his TASER to subdue Flanagan.

Flanagan faces preliminary charges of:

Battery on Law Enforcement – Level 5 Felony
Resisting Law Enforcement – Level 6 Felony
Unauthorized Entry to a Motor Vehicle – Class B Misdemeanor
Disorderly Conduct – Class B Misdemeanor