Road rage incident ends upside down near East High School

Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.
Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.

Columbus police believe that a crash that left a car upside down yesterday morning on State Street and Marr Road was a case of road rage.

The incident happened around 9:35 a.m. Thursday morning. Officers talked to an 18-year-old driver who said the driver of another vehicle in front of hers had been acting aggressively toward her, slamming his brakes and attempting to cause her to crash. That’s after she honked at the driver near State Road 7 and U.S. 31 for passing in the turn lane, police said.

As the cars got into town, the driver made a wide turn and then appeared to intentionally strike the victim’s  vehicle, police report. That caused his car to flip over.

52-year-old Jerry Winn Jr. said he thought the teen driver was driving too close, but he said the crash had something do with an object that got stuck under his brake pedal, says Lt. Matt Harris, spokesman for the Columbus Police.

After being treated at Columbus Regional Hospital for minor injuries, Winn was cited for aggressive driving and reckless driving. Police say the case is being forwarded to the Bartholomew County prosecutor’s office for consideration of criminal charges.