Columbus adds new website with train information

The city of Columbus has launched a new website to keep the public informed about the increasing train traffic through the city.

The Louisville and Indiana tracks that run through the city are in the process of being upgraded, including a new bridge over Flat Rock River within the next year. All of that will mean that CSX Railroad will be able to run more trains on the tracks — more than 20 a day. And those trains will be longer than ever before.

The city is looking at several options to try to relieve the city of the problems all those trains will cause. Several of those efforts are meant to address the effects on traffic, but the city is also looking to reduce the noise of the trains.

To keep the public updated on those efforts, the city contracted with TD Advertising to design a new web page focused just on the train issue. You can see the new site now with a link off of or you can go directly to