Columbus considers purchase of eastside properties

The City of Columbus is looking to buy and swap some property at the end of the State Street bridge to help improve the East Columbus neighborhood.

The city plans to buy two Stadler Drive properties with two houses just on the southeast side of the bridge. Then the city would tear down the homes so that green space and a trail can be completed across the properties. The city’s Redevelopment Commission this week approved hiring two firms to provide appraisals on the two properties, at a cost of not to exceed $1,700.

The city would have to base its purchase price on the average of those appraisals, according to Stan Gamso, attorney for the commission.

The city is also looking to do a land swap with Mariah Foods for a small triangular piece of property right at the end of the bridge. Heather Pope, the city’s redevelopment director, said the city would like to swap a neighboring piece of city-owned property that used to be a street going into the factory.

‘Work continues on a project to install pocket parks and People Trails along State Street. City officials said they are running a bit behind on the work to add pedestrian lanes to the State Street bridge.

The properties that the city hopes to acquire would be just across Stadler Drive from the first of the pocket parks. Pope said these parks would likely be outfitted with benches, trails and greenery, rather than with playground equipment.