BCSC to stick with meeting schedule

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Board will continue with is current school board schedule.

The board had considered going to only one meeting a month, but the majority of board members said they wanted to continue with more frequent, but shorter meetings.

Board member Kathy Dayhoff-Dwyer said that she had heard from parents whose children had to attend a government meeting as part of class requirements and the more frequent meetings were invaluable, she said. She also said that she was concerned that meetings could run extremely long especially if there were a lot of sports teams the required recognition.

The schedule would continue to see two monthly meetings during most months when school is in session, but only one meeting on months with school breaks.

School officials had suggested the change as a way to save work and cost of setting up for the meetings. BCSC meetings are held on a rotating schedule at all of the district’s schools.