City fights red tape to erect Pence sign

Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop says there is a surprising amount of red tape the city must wade through to recognize Vice President-elect and native son Mike Pence with a sign on the way into town.

First the city must get the approval of the department of transportation. At least initially it will be easier to place a sign on the existing sign posts, Lienhoop said. That will be a temporary step until a more attractive sign can be designed and approved.

That sign would include the vice-presidential seal, which leads to more bureaucracy Lienhoop said.

The city says that two temporary signs are scheduled to go up Friday at the entrances to the city at Indiana 46 and US 31.  The signs will be blue with white lettering which will read, “Hometown of Michael R. Pence, United States Vice President”.

Columbus City Hall will be hosting a viewing of the inaugural festivities. Lienhoop said the city will stream the inauguration Friday in City Hall’s Cal Brand meeting room and it is open to any city employees and to the public.

You can also listen to the inauguration festivities on News Talk 1010 WCSI beginning at 11:30 a.m. on Friday.