Hope cracks down on sign clutter

The town of Hope is cracking down on yard sale signs left posted around the town long after the sale has ended.

The Town Council last night gave its final approval to an ordinance that would penalize those who leave the signs up. Fines would start at $25 a day after the first 24 hours past the sale’s conclusion.

Town Manager J.T. Doane said he thinks people will get the message quickly. Town Council member Ed Johnson suggested the town also go after people posting advertising such as for Internet providers. Doane said the town could look at those for further enforcement efforts down the road.

The ordinance change:

Upon the conclusion of garage or yard sale, any signage posted along side of, or therein surrounding roads, and/or signage affixed to utility poles or otherwise affixed signage must be removed within a twenty-four hour period (24), or be subject to a fine of $25 per signage, per day until the signage is removed.