City Council to consider animal issues tonight

Columbus City Council will be doing some touch-up work tonight on two of the most contentious issues in recent years.

City officials will consider changes to the city’s zoning ordinances tonight, to make them match both the new city codes dealing with livestock in the city limits, and the new county codes dealing with confined animal feeding operations.

The council is scheduled to consider removing all references to specific animal and livestock types in zoning, instead leaving that to the municipal code. The issue flared up last year as a dispute over how many chickens residents could keep within the city limits.

And it is going to be asked to make the city zoning ordinance conform to the confined feeding ordinance passed by the county. Jeff Bergman, the city-county planning director, said in a letter to the council that the city and county share zoning ordinances, but the newest county changes have yet to be incorporated into the city rules. The existing city rule also don’t conform to state standards, Bergman said.

City Council meets at 6 tonight in Columbus City Hall.