Shelter offers help protecting animals in cold weather

With the severely cold temperatures, if you are a pet owner, you should make sure to keep your animals safe and warm out there.

Nicohl Birdwell Goodin, head of Columbus Animal Care Services says that the city does not have an weather-related animal protection ordinance like the one in Indianapolis. In Indianapolis, pet owners are not allowed to leave their pets unprotected and alone when the temperature drops below 20 degrees. But pet owners in Columbus are still required to provide appropriate shelter, food and water for their outdoor animals.

Birdwell Goodin says that you shouldn’t expect just blankets to keep your pet warm outdoors in this weather. The blankets can get wet and freeze. She suggests using straw instead.

Birdwell Goodin said that if you need help providing shelter for your animals, you should call animal control. They frequently have extra shelters and straw on hand that have been donated such as by students doing their senior projects. You can call the shelter at 812-376-2505