Text message scam hits local resident for nearly $1,600

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office wants to warn you of a scam being spread through text messages.

According to Detective Jason Williams, victims receive texts from a suspicious phone number advising them that they have been approved for up to a $60,000 grant for home improvements. In this case, Williams says the phone number had an out of state area code.

The victim is then requested to transfer money via MoneyGram to a person named Sara Doria, which is believed to be a false name. The grant money never arrives and the victim is given an excuse while being tricked into continuing to send more money.

Williams said that a victim was scammed out of almost $1,600 on Wednesday morning.

Authorities say that it’s important to not give any personal information out through text messages. If you receive a similar message, you are asked to report police.