Phone scam invokes Columbus Police Dept.

Columbus Police want you to be aware of a scam going on where the department’s name is being used in an effort to get your money.

Lt. Matt Harris, Columbus Police Department spokesman, says that he was contacted by a former BCSC teacher who got a phone call Thursday from someone claiming to represent CPD and attempting to raise money for the “junior police camp.” Harris stresses that the department does not solicit funds for any of its programs over the phone. He explains that most of the department’s community programs, such as the CPD Youth Academy and Public Safety Academy, are held at no charge to participants. If a business or community member is interested in making a donation to a police department program, such as DARE, they can contact the police department directly.

Lt. Harris says, “It is disappointing that there are persons who would try to use the good reputation of our police department to scam members of the community.”

If you receive similar calls, you should hang up and inform police about the attempt, along with any information on where the call may have come from.