Deputies investigating yard work fraud case

Johnson County deputies are investigating a fraud case based around a yard work scam.

Sheriff Doug Cox says officers began investigating a case yesterday that actually started back in November in Greenwood. A woman reported that a man came to her door asking if she needed yard work done. She pointed out trees and shrubs she needed cut down and gave the man an advance payment he asked for. He left to cash the check and never came back.

Deputies have a suspect in the case and a description of his vehicle. They have arrested the man at least twice in the past year for similar activities, deputies reported. The newest victim presented officers with a copy of the canceled check, which included the fingerprint of the person who cashed it.

The investigation is ongoing.

Authorities warn that you should not contract with someone who comes to your door unannounced seeking to do work around the house. Instead look for a reputable contractor that you contact yourself.