Celebrate Columbus working to raise $24k in 24 hours for community needs

An effort to raise money for the needs of local non-profit groups has begun today.

Josh Burnett hosts the “Celebrate Columbus” show on Facebook. He says that the show is joining with the Heritage Fund: The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County, to raise $24,000 over 24-hours for various local nonprofit groups.

Burnett says he got the idea after finding out that the Heritage Fund had some 160 wishes from area nonprofit groups.

“I thought, wouldn’t that be so awesome to partner with them and combine the public, private and social sector to do some good for our community?” Burnett said.

He said the needs are so great, and so varied, that you can choose an organization to support for which you already have an affinity.

Burnett is drumming up interest through his Facebook channel, doing interviews with the not-for-profit groups

Burnett says that the Heritage Fund will also be making a donation towards this 24-thousand dollar goal. For more on this effort, visit “Celebrate Columbus” on Facebook.