Su Casa to hold event about immigration concerns

Su Casa Columbus is holding a Friday night event about immigration, targeted towards Hispanics in the area, at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, located at 1306 27th Street in Columbus.

Officials with Su Casa cite last week’s election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. President for creating “an environment of fear and uncertainty for many individuals.” They add that they are working to gather information and communicate with schools, law enforcement, governmental agencies and other community organizations in order to “access our community‚Äôs current situation and to obtain accurate information that will enable us to better serve the community.”

Su Casa says that it is important that all community members report harassment to the proper authorities. This as a number of alleged incidents of taunting of Hispanic students at BCSC were reported after Trump’s election victory.

As for Friday night’s event, Sylvia Babcock, Su Casa spokeswoman, says that it is tailored to address the concerns of Columbus’ and Bartholomew County’s Hispanic community. While some of the event will be bilingual, Babcock says the discussion of legal issues will largely by in Spanish. Friday night’s event is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. and last about two hours.

For more information, or to reach Su Casa representatives, call (812) 375-9370 or (812)374-7548. You may also send an email to: [email protected].