BCSC candidates diverge on ISTEP exam value

The ISTEP exam has come under fire for how much time the test takes and how accurate the results are, let alone the technological glitches that have caused massive problems in recent years. Last week a group of southeastern Indiana school superintendents asked state officials not to use the flawed exam to set school grades this year.

We asked the six candidates running for the Bartholomew Consolidated School Board in next week’s election their thoughts on the standardized tests.

BCSC District 3

In BCSC District 3, James Persinger is seeking the seat now held by Polly Verbanic.

Persinger said he is not in favor of the time and focus on testing:

Verbanic said there have been many problems with the tests, but they are still necessary:

BCSC District 5

In District 5 Tim Woods is facing incumbent Pat Bryant

Woods said the tests are not the only measure

Bryant said that the tests take too long and the technology is too unreliable.

BCSC District 7

In District 7, Dennis White is running against incumbent Jeff Caldwell.

White said that the most important tests should be the ACT or SAT college entrance tests, but other types of tests should not be neglected:

Caldwell said that standardized tests are good data points.