State police dispute voter suppression accusations

Indiana State Police are disputing accusations that a probe into fraudulent voter registration forms is politically motivated. The state police released a statement over the weekend saying that the complaint from Patriot Majority USA is completely false.

Patriot Majority USA released an ad Friday making accusations against the state police and Gov. Mike Pence over the investigation.

A sample from the advertisement:


The group is accusing the state police of voter suppression and civil rights violations in the investigation, which has spread to 56 counties including Bartholomew, Jackson and Jennings.

Hendricks County voter registration officials called in the state police after allegedly noticing discrepancies with registration forms submitted by Patriot Majority USA, including possibly made up names and addresses combined applications containing real people’s names with new, fake addresses, state police say.

State police are urging voters to check to make sure that your registration is in order. You can do that by going online to indiana voters dot com or by calling your county clerk’s office. In Bartholomew County, the voter registration office is 812-379-1604