Columbus to look at options for East Fork White River dam Wednesday

The Columbus Riverfront Redevelopment Project is turning its attention to the crumbling dam on East Fork White River between the 2nd and 3rd street bridges downtown. And they are looking for your thoughts and to update you on the condition of the dam.

Mayor Jim Lienhoop recently explained the dam is around 90-years-old and began as a pile of rubble. Later, that rubble was encased in a concrete shell. Lienhoop says that to him that means the dam could be removed fairly easily.

Lienhoop says that the city wants to find out what would happen if the dam were to be removed, then what would need to be done to replace it, if necessary. He explains that one thing the city doesn’t want is for the water levels to go down in Mill Race Park, which is just upstream fromthe dam.

The public information session and open house will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday in the meeting room at Columbus City Hall.