Cummins to continue aid to bicentennial mobile museum

Cummins Inc. will continue to provide backup power for the state’s mobile bicentennial museum for the rest of this year’s celebrations.

The company stepped in on Sunday to provide power generating equipment after the mobile museum’s generator failed en route to its appearance at the Bartholomew County Public Library in Columbus. Tour officials estimated that they would be unable to open about two-thirds of the exhibits to the public due to the power loss.

Cummins brought in a genset it had available in the Indianapolis area and had the power equipment installed by 1 p.m. Sunday. John Kestler, director of exhibits and special events for the diesel engine manufacturer, was instrumental in organizing the emergency help over the weekend. He says the company now has an agreement to provide backup power for the rest of the bicentennial tour.

Cummins has also signed on as a sponsor of the Indiana Experience museum, Kestler said.

Lynn Lucas, organizer of Bartholomew County’s bicentennial festivities, said that the exhibit set a record attendance in Sunday’s stay at the library, drawing 900 visitors — which was more than any other county so far.

The torch relay is in Brown and Monroe counties today.