Cabin stand off leads to arrest in Brown County

An Alabama man was taken into custody last night after a standoff with police in a Brown County State Park cabin.

Indiana conservation officers are reporting that they received a tip from family members that 77-year-old Larry Stearley of Gulf Shores, Ala. had been sending disturbing texts while staying at a family cabin in the park. When Indiana conservation officers came to the door he allegedly emerged with a gun that he pointed at officers.

According to police reports, the conservation officers took cover in the woods and one shot was fired by officers. Backup was called in from the Nashville Police Department and the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. Stearley eventually left the cabin without the gun, where he was taken into custody.

He was taken to Columbus Regional Hospital for evaluation. Information has been passed to the Brown County prosecutor’s office and Stearley is facing preliminary charges of pointing a firearm at a person and resisting arrest.