Cummins saves bicentennial mobile museum with power aid

The Indiana Bicentennial Torch relay came through Bartholomew County without a hitch yesterday.

But for the torch’s mobile museum, coming into Cummins’ home town of Columbus was a lucky break.

Lynn Lucas, organizer of the local bicentennial efforts, heard from the crew staffing the Bicentennial Experience museum after 9 p.m.  on Saturday night that they lost their power generator and about two thirds of the museum would be unavailable when it arrived in  Bartholomew County yesterday.

Starting late Saturday night, Lucas made connections with Cummins executives including her neighbor John Kestler, director of special events and exhibits for the company. The company had a genset on hand in the Indianapolis-area and was able to get power to the museum in time for its display on the Bartholomew County Public Library Plaza yesterday.